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Rent Things = Cleaner Planet

You might have a canoe or something that you could rent to someone or you might want to rent a canoe or something from someone…no need to buy something for using a few times…

Meet People = Learn Things

By meeting up with people in order to rent something, you could surely learn a few stuff about what it is that you are renting…or you could share with a person information on how to use what they are renting from you…

Shape Your Seed = Color Your Scene

You might want to rent your car or rent a car…simply rent a bike or that rarely used drilling tool…anything could be rented…generate money over and over again…enjoy saving money and meeting new people…

What does actually mean LYRKA?

Lyra in greek means POUND and it was the currency in Cyprus. One of our co-founders as a child imagined that if he had planted a coin, one day there would be a tree from where he could collect money.

This imaginary tree was called LYRKA.

You could pronounce LYRKA as you wish but if you wanna know!? It is pronounced “lee-RKA” with the emphasis on the second syllable.

Years passed by and as a team we have been in different adventures that lead into observing a variety of things.

We were just thinking if there is a way to create a tree that everyone could benefit from!

Was there a way that people could benefit from owning and from not owning things?!

In order to benefit people from things they own except by using them is to rent them when they are not using them, share knowledge with people that want to rent and so many other benefits you could think of.

In order to benefit people from things they do not own is that they save space, save money by renting on when they need something, getting to know more about what they are renting from the owner…and so many other positives that you could think of!

Is there a way that people could benefit by things they own or by people owning something? Sharing knowledge, teaching people how to use something or even offer/receive a service.

Example: Do you own a bicycle?

You could rent it.

You could teach people how to wheelie (if you know how).

Example: Do you own a drill?

You could rent it.

You could teach people how to use a drill (if you know how).

You could offer people the service of 1-3 hours of drill jobs (if you know how).


What if you are interested in buying a product from a store but you would love to test it for once, before committing on buying that product that you will use.

OR in the future once you own you rent to others?

There we were…ready to create a platform, a tree that could offer the chance for people rent & share anything.

Our future plans?

LYRKA is currently a small seed! We envision a strong, colorful “tree” that will offer multiple ways to offer & receive anything which also helps us live on a cleaner planet!